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03.22.23 HOPE Affirmations

Angels: As I listen to this song, I call upon my Angels and Guides to help me on my journey in this life time. May I be open to their Wisdom and Guidance as they assist me in removing blockages and accomplishing my souls purpose.   Reflections: I see my reflection. I...

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02.15.23 Virtual Events

In 2023, I will be doing virtual events in hopes of raising the awareness of this work and to show all those who I encounter, that this is not something to be viewed as mysterious or scary, but rather quite normal and loving. A Group event can give someone the...

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12.24.19 Meet Jonathan Louis

Jonathan Louis is an internationally recognized Psychic Medium and has been studying metaphysics for over 18 years. Jonathan has traveled the world, reconnecting people with their loved ones and providing answers and clarity through his psychic abilities. For him, this work is a continuation of his career as a builder....

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